Midwest Industrial Funds continues to actively pursue the acquisition of single and multi-tenant industrial real estate assets, development and land opportunities.

Some of our targeted transaction types include:

    • Infill property acquisitions for speculative or build-to-suit redevelopment.
    • Greenfield land acquisitions for speculative or build-to-suit redevelopment.
    • “Market Maker” deals where a tenant wants to lease space in a building that is for sale (or needs to be built) and brings in Midwest Industrial to close quickly, complete the tenant/building improvements and become the new landlord.
    • Portfolio and multi-building acquisitions with any amount of vacancy.
    • Sale-leasebacks—long term or short term, full or partial building with credit or non-credit tenants.
    • Properties with vacancy that need significant repositioning, renovations or redevelopment to become functional and market ready.
    • Stabilized properties at market cap rates and prices.
    • Extenuating seller circumstances such as the need for ultra-quick buyer due diligence, non-refundable earnest money deposits and quick closings.
    • Property ownership joint ventures with the tenant that leases/occupies the property.
    • Unimproved and un-entitled land in the path of progress for future development.
    • Note sales—performing or non-performing.
    • Non-institutional and specialty properties that have strong cash flow–trailer parking, truck repair facilities, etc.